Monday, February 3, 2014

Crestfallen Still - Upcoming Album and Donation to Children's Cancer Research Fund

Once again, a blog post unrelated to busking but one of great importance.
Please read.

Well, it's been about 28 years since my battle with cancer.
I've endured various surgeries and chemotherapy, debilitating injury and medical procedures.
Not all children are as lucky as I am.
In remembrance we would like to dedicate Crestfallen Still's upcoming album to those who have fallen to this terrible disease.

We dedicate this album to the friends, families and the professionals who support and care for those who have cancer.
We dedicate this album to those who are currently fighting for their lives.

We mourn those who have fallen, but we remember their spirit and bravery.
We remember them for the unique ways in which they touched and enriched our lives and that is something that will never fade away.

Crestfallen Still is donating 100% of upcoming album profits to Children's Cancer Research Fund.+childrenscancer

We hope you enjoy our music and we would greatly appreciate your support in the fight against children's cancer.

Please share this message with your circles and be on the lookout for our upcoming album that will be promoted here on Google+

Thank you.

Christopher Rosenberg/Crestfallen Still

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wyoming Farmers Market, 9-26-2013. - A Farmers Market Conclusion for 2013.

Our Minnesota farmers market tour has officially come to an end.
 It was a great summer and our last performance was a memorable one at the Wyoming Farmers Market.

The weather was about 80 degrees and cooled off just slightly as the sun began to descend, perfect weather for an outdoor gig.
This was one of the smaller Farmers Markets we played at but it was still very enjoyable.
Thanks to the crowd for their great response and for the workers for providing us treats!

We want to thank everyone who came out to see us perform at the farmers markets, we are truly grateful.
Special thanks to those who contributed to our band fund.
I hope our music made those days a little more special for each and everyone who heard us.

Colder weather descends...

Although we are most likely done playing outdoors for the year we still have lots on our agenda.
We are currently working on our first full length studio album at Knottbright Studio. We are also working on self produced tracks.
We'll also be playing around town here and there and we hope to see you.
You can keep up with Crestfallen Still's current events at

Here's to a wonderful 2013 summer!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Minneapolis Farmers Market 9-15-2013

The stage this time was at the Minneapolis Farmers Market.

The weather during this particular performance was gloomy and somewhat chilly and I think perfectly matched our music.

There was still a large crowd that turned up despite the cooler climate.
I thought the temperature would be a challenge to play in but I felt it was one of our best sets.

We were able to give away all of our Beneath the Willow EPs which is always nice, we want to reach as many ears as we possibly can.
 We had an awesome response from people and quite a few familiar faces showed up,one of those people being Michael Ray Pfeifer of Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes!

This is one of our last farmers market performances this year but it was a very memorable one.

Sorry, no video this time but please enjoy the photos.

Grey courtesy of Michael Ray Pfeifer

Thanks to Angie Rosenberg for this photo...

...and this one as well.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Summer Reverie

Once in a while I may promote a particular piece that we have done that isn't necessarily relevant to our busking blog as long as I feel it does not detract from the spirit of the blog.

This particular song was done in a home studio using very simple equipment by today's standards.

The song was basically done in one take with very little editing.
Lots of time and work were put into the finishing touches and we are quite happy with the result.

As well as viewing the video provided this song is also FREE to download at:

Please feel free to share this video with anyone else who may like it.

We hope you enjoy.

-Christopher/Crestfallen Still

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rogers Farmers Market 7-10-13

Crestfallen Still was in full force this time with Kevin, Curt and myself playing our trademark music

The weather was wonderful and perfect for this kind of outing with a slight breeze mixed with the warm air while we sat comfortably under the shelter of a tent.

The reception was great with lots of people stopping by to show their appreciation.
We gave a lot of our Beneath the Willow EP's away and our music reached new ears and for us it doesn't get much better than that.
If any of you who watched us perform happen to read this blog we truly thank you for your interest in this band.

We'll be coming back to Rogers August 7th and we look forward to entertaining once again!

In the meantime be sure to check out the photo and video below.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grey Skies over Chisago City Farmer's Market - June 14, 2013

Actually it was a pretty nice day when Curt and I performed a 2 hour set
at the Chisago City Farmer's Market.
Feel free to check out their website and give them a visit!

We had a nice crowd of marketers along with friends and family and all of the various vendors.

This was personally one of my longest performances so my fingers were screaming at the end, but it was a great time and we recieved some really nice feedback afterwards.
Hopefully we can return and play here again.

Thanks for having us Chisago City!

No video this time, but I've included an audio file and photos.

This was the first of a handful of Farmer's Market gigs we will be playing throughout the season and was a great start to our summer.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 First Busk: Long Lake Regional Park - May 14th

On May 14th Curt and I set out to Long Lake Regional Park to do a little busking.

We arrived at approximately 6:30pm and finished at about 8pm.

This lake 'not-so-coincidentally' was also the location of a photo shoot for an upcoming Crestfallen Still video that is currently in the works. Which song we are creating the video for may be apparent to some familiar with our music.

When we arrived there was a good amount of people doing various typical beach activities including a frisbee game which we inadvertently almost became a part of.

We set down underneath a canopy of trees between the parking lot and the lake and sought refuge from the sun in the shade.
The weather was warm, the warmest day yet of the year (I think it was about 85 degrees when we arrived) and it felt totally appropriate playing "A Summer Reverie"

The wind was also blowing quite strongly so I can't imagine our music reached too many ears but at least it kept the insects at bay.
It also made for a few interesting moments, like when my music stand toppled over on me mid-song!
All in all though it was a good experience.

Because of the wind and background noise I decided not to post any videos but included an amusing animated GIF. using some still shots taken from Curt's field recorder.
The random factor always makes for interesting moments when playing outdoors.

We look forward to coming back here to perform. (Hopefully on a less windy day).

Just keep playin'